Maria Kangas '16

Maria Kangas '16 Marketing Communication

Gaining confidence in retail marketing

While as an intern at PUMA's retail marketing division, Maria Kangas had an opportunity to put her creative skills to great use. She was charged with developing briefs for the team, assisting with in-store events and overseeing the Tourist Program.

"An internship is all about learning and improving, and that's exactly what PUMA has done for me."

Maria Kangas, a marketing communication major, never felt like an intern at PUMA, where she states "my boss and co-workers treated me as though I were an employee." Her responsibilities were varied, giving her a broad view of the field and enabling her to implement some of her own ideas for assignments and projects. Working in the retail marketing department, Kangas put together createive briefs for use in emails and billboards. In addition, she developed promotional events for new store openings including one to attract tourists to PUMA store outlets through partnerships with local tour bus companies and hotels. In the e-commerce area, Kangas was responsible for the email archive and helped with search engine optimization for the website.

According to Kangas, her most significant accomplishment was giving a presentation of her promotional ideas to the vice presidents of retail and PUMA North, respectively. Kangas reflects on her transformation from a timid and shy intern to a confident professional, who upon graduation was offered a position as development associate for Delaware North, which owns and operates the TD Garden in Boston.